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Why work with Myrick Visual?

We’ve been making videos for the healthcare industry since 2010. We're here to help you tell your story and showcase your innovative technology in a meaningful way.


If you’re a medical device firm, healthcare provider, pharmaceutical company, or a technology startup, you’re often dealing with complex and esoteric concepts. You need a creative collaborator that’s adept at making those ideas accessible and engaging for a less-specialized audience.


We work as a strategic partner, not just a vendor. Through conversation, industry research, and audience analysis, we become advocates for your message, which in turn helps us design the most compelling and informative video--one that delivers meaningful results.

Becton Dickinson, Boston Scientific, Covidien, Cardiocom, Children’s, Hospital of MN, Gilead Sciences, Medtronic, Mentor Worldwide, Micro Medical, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Stratasys, United Health Group, Veranex, Worrell Design, and Zimmer Biomet, just to name a few.


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Types of Healthcare Videos:

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Testimonial 

  • Case-study

  • Branded documentary

  • Social Media

  • Concept Films


A Concept Film is a powerful tool for getting people excited about a new technology, process, or service that is still just an idea. It's also a Myrick Visual specialty. The film typically starts out exploring pain points in a market, often including documentary-style footage of the research and co-creation work involved. It's structured around scripted scenes that show the concept as a fully-finished product (or service) out in the world, improving lives.  We create prototypes, hire actors, build sets, or fly to locations that best support this little vision of a better future.


Clients have seen great success using concept films to secure development funding, internal alignment within an organization, and buy-in from business partners for joint ventures.

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